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Initial Visit

First Visit

What to expect during your initial exam

  • Consultation
    During your initial visit, there will be a consultation first, where there will be questions about health problem and medical history. Furthermore, lifestyle and work environment can also influence your health which may require assessing. You will have the opportunity to discuss all of your issues with the doctor who will take the time to listen.

  • Physical exam
    (neurological, orthopedic, muscular and chiropractic tests)

  • XRays
    (If indicated)

Examen Chiropratique
  • Chiropractic treatments
    Most chiropractic treatments involve a hands on approach. We sometimes use certain instruments which also obtain good results while being gentle.

  • Personalised exercises may be prescribed. Equally, nutritional information and recommendations, exercises, and lifestyle changes may also be offered as part of your care.

Examen Chiropratique

Questions & Answers

  • Are adjustments painful?
    Adjustments are rarely painful. Most patients feel relief and improved mobility after their treatment.

 Chiropractic Exam
  • What is an adjustment?
    An adjustment involves the application of a controlled, high-velocity force in a specific direction on a fixated joint. The adjustment helps restore the normal joint range of motion. Adjustments can be performed manually, instrument-assisted, and using gravity or with specially designed tables. Together we determine the best treatment options for maximum results.

Examen Chiropratique
  • Why do chiropractors take X-Rays?
    X-Ray films help verify the quality and the state of the underlying structures (ie : spinal alignment ) These findings are then used in combination with those of the neurological and orthopaedic tests to determine the most appropriate method of addressing your health problem.

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